Swagatha Banned Phrases Cover

Swagatha is never afraid to let you know what's on her mind, even if it means getting kicked out of Augusta...

Here's how it works - You purchase this product and you will randomly be sent one of the 12 Swagatha Banned Phrases. Any messages to us requesting a certain phrase will be sent to the 🗑 and result in your order being shipped dead last.

Here's how many we made of each cover:

  • 130 Mashed Potatoes
  • 120 Sweep the Leg Johnny
  • 110 Activate the Glutes
  • 100 Bikini Wax
  • 90 Brandel's My Daddy
  • 80 RIP Harambe
  • 70 Nobody Beats the Wiz
  • 60 You Da Man
  • 50 Dilly Dilly
  • 40 Hashtag Swag
  • 30 Drive it Miss Daisy
  • 20 Baba Booey

      *Limit 1 Per Customer

      • Fits standard blade style putters and some compact mallets
      • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
      • Industrial Magnetic Closure
      • Plush Protective Interior 
      • Durable UV Resistant Materials
      SOLD OUT