Cover of the Month Club 2022

It has been referred to as the most coveted membership in golf... after Augusta National. A Swag Cover of the Month Membership guarantees you 12 of the best covers without the constant chase. It is a collector's dream!⁠

Memberships are limited, and only available to purchase once a year, so any hesitation may cause you a year of regret, maybe even more. 

New for 2022, we will introduce three tiers of covers in order to open Cover of the Month up to new members while not diluting the rarity of any design.

For $1,666.66, plus taxes and shipping where applicable, you will be able to choose between our two membership options: Blades + Woods or Mallets + Woods. In 2022, there will be 10 Blade/Mallet months and 2 Wood months.

Over the year, every Cover of the Month member will receive one rare Cover, three special covers, six limited covers in Blade or Mallet form (depending on which you choose), and two limited wood covers. By doing this, even the "limited" covers will be rarer than the regulars from 2021.

Cover of the Month Club Memberships are available on a first come first serve basis to new 2022 members.

Due to the limited nature of this release please note that whatever you pick is locked in. You cannot switch from Mallet to Blade or Blade to Mallet. Also, you are not allowed to change your mailing address to an alternate address (aka someone who is not you) without proof of address change. Your membership is a privilege and we reserve the right to cancel any membership on a prorated scale should we find that your sole purpose is to resell and have zero interest in supporting our community. Flippers are part of collector communities and we still embrace that mentality but you can still be an active part of collecting, talking and supporting the brand while you do it. 

Once they're sold out, you'll have to wait until December 2022 to join again.



  • DOMESTIC SHIPPING — Free monthly delivery
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING — Additional fee covers monthly shipments to your address. You are responsible for all duties and customs charges.

Pictured are COTM Covers + Specials from 2021 and 2020