Swag Mystery Box

We never lined up right after eating a turkey dinner to guarantee ourselves any deals at a big box store on Black Friday but that doesn’t mean we don’t know the value of a good deal! Therefore we give you the Mystery Swag Bag, filled with various prototype, new, special, stock, sample and previously released covers, putters, and accessories. 

Throughout 2019 we dealt with bot cancellations and fraudulent orders that left us debating what to do with 3 of this, or 6 of that and often times we just ended up putting things away. Now you get the chance to get a great deal on what others missed out on. Staff bags, putters, covers, and accessories all are available and it’s a complete luck of the draw. But just like the great deals at Best Buy and Sears, they surely won’t last long!

What is your shirt size, and are you righty or lefty?