Suave Too RAD

The Suave Too RAD is ideal for a player who wants toe flow with their putter and phenomenal feel. Offering this limited run of 55 pieces in soft carbon steel, this putter is sure to appeal to those who want a solid/soft feel at impact but still want feedback from the sound of their putter. The durable nickel finish is also a new offering and is complimented with high contrast black and volt yellow engravings that are meticulously painted by hand to match the Dripping Skull Gradient RAD NASA Silver cover.



  • Head Weight: 353g
  • Designed, Milled, and Assembled in the USA
  • Feels Good Carbon Steel
  • Full Shaft Offset
  • Black PVD KBS Tour Shaft
  • Tackified Pistol Leather Grip with Neon Cross Stitch


303 American Stainless Steel is our preferred steel of choice when milling our putters. We have tried 303 Stainless from many different suppliers and countries, and inevitably our team has come to the same conclusion every time: There is no reason for us to go halfway across the globe for what we have in our own backyard. With countless ways steel can be manipulated, what matters most is how the final product feels, and we assure you it feels good!


It has taken us months to perfect our milling techniques, but that doesn't mean we’re going to stop now. Every time we turn on our CNC Machines, we are striving to advance and perfect our designs. Using complex surfacing techniques, we spend more time machining the sole, shoulders, and neck than most companies spend on manufacturing the entire putter. We purposely leave some of these milling lines visible in order to show off the detailed surfacing work that goes into the engineering of every putter we make.


If you look across the putter landscape, it’s easy to get caught up in the extensive amount of shaft options. After testing finishes, shaft styles, and coating reflections, we asked ourselves, “What makes a shaft look good from address?”  The KBS Stepless Smoke PVD has everything we are looking for and comes standard across our lineup, complete with our unique serial numbered holographic shaft labels.