For the golfer who wants to have a unique putter that blows away their foursome—this is your chance.

The Swag team has been creating bad ass products since day one that rarely are seen by the general public, such as one off putters for PGA Tour players and ridiculously cool custom covers. Today we are thrilled to offer 12 of our supporters the chance to collaborate with the Swag team in creating their own unique putter. Purchasing today reserves the buyer a right handed Handsome One or Handsome Too model in stainless or carbon steel and a custom cover.

The purchase of this custom putter opens the opportunity to come to the Swag Studio in Northbrook, IL to can discuss what you’d like to do with your putter in person. If you really just want the putter, we can always collaborate over email or on the phone.

Have you been gaming a King of Swag Cover, and have been dying to have a Swag putter with a matching engraving? Let’s do it. Maybe you want a torched blue, hand stamped, Chicago Style Handsome One with a sound slot? We can do that too. While were at it let’s make you a new King of Swag Cover that matches your bag, or a Neon Pink Dripping Skull Cover and then top it off with a lime green ostrich grip... you get the point! This is your chance to see behind the Swag curtain and walk away with a putter and cover that is truly one of a kind.

As a bonus, each one of these 12 Custom orders also comes with an exclusive Don't Give A Putt Cover as a thank you for your purchase.

  • The time frame for these projects is 8-12 weeks (upon completion of approved design)
  • This is a NON REFUNDABLE, PAID IN FULL DEPOSIT for the opportunity to work with our high end putter concierge to create a truly remarkable putter just for you
  • There are a a lot of factors when it comes to a custom order and there is no "menu" for the work that we can do. It will be a fun opportunity to work one on one with the Swag staff
  • No inserts, no infringement of copyrighted or trademarked logos will be allowed, and we reserve the right to refuse any inappropriate idea if crosses certain lines or if something is physically impossible to engrave or stamp.
  • If you chose to visit us we can schedule a time that works for both parties, any travel and hotel accommodation for your trip to the Swag studio are not included in purchase
  • This purchase is non-transferrable