For the most committed Swag fans, and the most daring flippers, there is the Cover of the Month Club. What is it? A brand new cover design on your doorstep every month without the hassle of a release. You never know what the design will be until it’s ready to ship, but we make sure to make it a good mix of new experiments, crowd pleasers, and everything in between. You can pretty much count on getting a few skull covers, a design or two that may be unlike anything we’ve ever done, and a mixture of other Swag favorites.

Buyers are able to choose between blade and mallet, and previous years have included at least a couple of wood covers, though we tend to switch it up a little bit each year. This year we introduced a new concept where every member will receive one rare Cover, three special covers, six limited covers in Blade or Mallet form (depending on which they chose), and two limited wood covers. By doing this, even the "limited" covers are rarer than the regulars from 2021.

Do you dare commit to 12 covers blindly? Fortune favors the brave. We promise we’ll do our best to not disappoint. Take a look at the pictures of our previous years and we think you’ll agree we haven’t yet. For a more in depth breakdown of our Cover of the Month Club offerings to date, visit our Instagram Guides on our profile.


Be one of the first to learn details on how and when to buy in to our 2023 Cover of the Month Club! We can’t promise this will make you fast enough to snag yourself a spot, but it will give you the best chance... Trust us, if you thought this year was good just wait until you see next year.