Almighty Jefferson Mallet Special

Special variation version sent to random buyers of the Almighty Dollar Mallet Cover 2.0. Not available for purchase.

Presidents Day is here and so is your chance to score one of our highly coveted money covers in an all-new navy, red, and apricot colorway. 

Here's how it works - You purchase this product and you will randomly be sent one of the 7 money covers ranging from $1-100. With every purchase, there is a chance at receiving the extremely limited $2 Jefferson. Any messages to us requesting a certain cover will be sent to the 🗑 and result in your order being shipped dead last.

      *Limit 1 Per Customer 

      • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
      • Industrial Magnetic Closure
      • Plush Protective Interior 
      • Durable UV Resistant Materials
      • Not to be used as real currency, even when 12 beers deep on the course
      SOLD OUT