Cart Protect

We frequently have people suggest that we implement cart protection into our store, reserving your right to buy a product (within an allotted amount of time) at the point in which you click "Add To Cart," instead of at the point of a completed checkout. While we understand peoples' frustration when they think they are buying a product of ours only to click "Complete Checkout" and be told that items in their cart are out of stock, we will not be implementing cart protection anytime soon for the following reasons:

  1. Our ecommerce platform does not support cart protect. We even experimented with it once and it just doesn't work. Period. "But Scotty Cameron does it!" Yes, but we aren't Scotty Cameron and we don't have the resources to build a store platform from the ground up like he does.
  2. Cart protection would turn our releases into a race just to press "Add To Cart." Not only would our covers then sell out in literally one second, but it would give bots who can press "Add To Cart" instantaneously a huge advantage in getting our products. Even if we stop the bots, it would just be an arms race in internet speed and whoever has the fastest connection would always get the product. For most, limited products would sell out in the time between when you click on the product thumbnail image and when you get to the product page.
  3. If we have more people waiting on the site for a release than we have products to sell, those who are left empty-handed are going to walk away mad. Cart protection would just move the frustration from the end of the checkout process to the beginning.

We are constantly listening to customers and trying to make the buying experience the best it can be, but we don't believe implementing cart protection (if it were even possible) is the right option for our store at this time. We know you'll let us know otherwise in the comments section ;)