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Introducing the Swag Golf App: your one-stop shop for all things Swag. The Swag App allows you to: keep track of your collection and favorite items, buy and sell Swag with visible sale history, scroll the archive at your finger tips, plus so much more!



Digitize and track the value of your Swag Golf collection in the Swag Golf App.


Tired of searching for a specific cover in your overflowing collection? Now your entire collection can be kept in your pocket.

Use the Swag App to keep track of what you currently own and create a "wish list" of items you are searching for. Subscribers can see the estimated value of their collection based on recent sales history of each cover.
Buy and sell your Swag items in the Swag Golf App marketplace.


Easily purchase items you want via private chat rooms with other collectors. Anyone can use the Swag App as a buyer but only subscribers will be able to sell items on the app after being KYC verified. That's right, every seller with will be a verified user. Subscribers can also see the sale history of items and set up post notifications to be alerted when their favorite covers are listed for sale.
Scroll the new and improved Swag product archive in the Swag Golf App.


We all love a good archive update, but it's never been easier to search for your favorite items or see how many were made than in the Swag App. We took everything that is currently in our archive and uploaded it straight to the app.

Swag Golf App Now Available to Download on the App Store and on Google Play

Welcome to the Swag Golf App, your one-stop shop for all things Swag Golf. With our powerful mobile application, you can effortlessly keep track of your collection and favorite items, ensuring that you never miss out on the next addition to your setup. Create a personalized "wish list" of items you're searching for, making it easier than ever to find those elusive gems.

As a subscriber, you gain access to exclusive features and benefits. Discover the estimated value of your collection based on recent sales history for each cover, allowing you to stay informed about the market trends. Engage in seamless buying and selling experiences through private chat rooms with fellow collectors. And here's the best part - only verified subscribers have the privilege to sell items on the app, ensuring a safe and trusted environment for all transactions.

Don't miss out on the action! Subscribers can delve into the sale history of items and set up post notifications, so you never miss the chance to snag your favorite covers when they become available. Elevate your collecting game today with the Swag Golf App and experience the ultimate convenience and excitement of the Swag world.