Swag on THE tour

Swag Golf is proud to be the official putter of professional tour players, including Nick Hardy and Rhein Gibson.

Nick Hardy wins with Handsome One

2023 PGA Tour Zurich Classic Winner

Rhein Gibson wins with Suave Too

2x KFT Tour Winner


Swag Golf Handsome One blade putter golf club. This putter model continues the tradition of having a responsive sound and feel at impact.


The Handsome One is a classic tour-proven design with a Swag spin on it, now refreshed for 2022 with new engravings and a deeper cut fly milled face. Building on previous generations of the Handsome One, this model continues the tradition of having a responsive sound and feel at impact.
Swag Golf Handsome Too blade putter golf club.


At address, the top line on the Handsome Too is milled flat and contrasts clearly to the 3D surfaced shoulders. Surfacing the shoulders on a large organic curve gives the appearance of a smooth transition into the topline. The smooth pocket cavity with no step is a signature feature of all Swag models.


Featuring a slant neck design, the Savage One putter provides a more intuitive alignment with the perfect combination of precision, performance and durability. This mid mallet putter is designed to deliver a smooth, stable stroke and consistent ball roll. The putter's weight of 365 grams adds to its stability and feel, allowing for more control on each putt.


The Savage Too has been refreshed with new engravings and a deeper cut fly milled face for a responsive sound and feel at impact. It is the perfect compact mallet for the player looking for a low offset design and a clean classic look at address but isn't quite ready for a traditional mallet. The deeper face milling along with the heavier 365g head weight was carried over from our original Savage Too in order to create an extremely stable putter that is hard to put down...even for a traditional anser style lover!

Swag Golf Putters Are Now Available at Club Champion Stores

Swag Golf is an up-and-coming brand of golf putters that is known for its stylish designs, innovative technology, and unmatched performance. Our premium line of putters are designed to help you improve your putting stroke and shave strokes off your score. But don't let our playful designs fool you. Our putters are also incredibly effective. Club Champion is proud to announce that Swag Golf putters are now available for fittings in 50 select North American stores. Club Champion has a wide selection of Swag Golf putters to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your game.

Club Champion's highly trained Master Fitters can help you find the best Swag Golf putter for your putting stroke and your budget. Club Champion also offers a variety of other services, such as club repairs and custom fittings, so you can get the most out of your golf game. Visit your local Club Champion store today to learn more about Swag Golf putters and to get fitted for the perfect one for you.