Mallet Cover Fitting


Swag Golf covers are assembled by hand and have a slight variance in size and shape. Therefore, we don't guarantee these covers to fit any specific mallet putters, especially since mallet putters by other manufacturers can change year-to-year. However, we feel comfortable saying they will very likely fit the following models:

Spider, Spider X, Scotty 5W, Scotty Futura 7M/X5/X7M, Scotty Phantom X/X6/5.5/7, Odyssey O-Works 7/Tank, Odyssey Exo 7, Odyssey Sabertooth, Odyssey Triple Track 10s, Odyssey Stroke Lab 10/V-Line/R-Ball, Odyssey Big T V-Line, Evnroll ER5, Evnroll ER8, Toulon Exo 7, Toulon Las Vegas, Ping Sigma 2 Fetch/Tyne, Ping PLD3, PXG Bat Attack, PXG Operator Gen 2, PXG Gunboat

The following models are a bit snug and may or may not fit depending on variances in covers or putters. We do not feel confident saying they will fit the following models, but you could forge ahead if you are feeling lucky:

Spider Mini, Odyssey Indianapolis, Odyssey Stroke Lab 2-Ball Fang, Toulon Indianapolis, Toulon Atlanta, Scotty Futura 5.5M/6M, Scotty Phantom X12

We do not recommend buying our mallet covers for any center shafted putter. If your putter is not listed above, we cannot make a recommendation either way.

Do you have a putter not on the first list that has room to spare? Do you have a putter that absolutely doesn't even come close to fitting? Let us know at as we'd love to make the list above as extensive as possible.