CHICAGO, Ill. – Swag Golf is proud to announce an agreement with Major League Baseball to produce the highest quality products in golf for each of their 30 teams. Beginning with the Chicago Cubs, Swag will produce an all-star lineup of new headcovers suited for golfers and ballplayers alike.

This announcement follows the news of Swag Golf’s acquisition of Ecktron Performance (EP Headcovers) less than two weeks ago.

“We'd been working with a few Cubs players on custom covers for years and we'd always hoped to work out a licensing deal to bring those designs to Cubs fans. Thankfully we were able to make it happen,” said Nick Venson, founder and chief executive officer, Swag Golf. “If you asked me three years ago what I hoped Swag would be doing, working with the Chicago Cubs was definitely top of the list, and I think our collectors will agree.” 

Swag Golf celebrates their 3rd Anniversary today, along with one of their biggest releases of the year which took place at Midnight on their website with a follow-up at Noon. The announcement of their officially licensed MLB gear acts as a cherry on top of what was the biggest year in Swag’s short history.

“As lifelong fans, we obviously had a lot of design ideas for the Cubs, but we've been enjoying brainstorming ways to put a Swag spin on designs for other teams,” said Thomas Quinn, chief creative officer, Swag Golf. “We’re not just going to slap a team logo on a headcover and call it a day. We’ll be pairing the unparalleled quality of EP Headcovers with creative design to produce products all baseball fans will want in their bags.”

The first Swag Golf Chicago Cubs headcovers went on sale today at 1:20 PM CDT on www.swaggolf.com

MLB fans can expect to see products for their favorite teams rolling out over the next few months.