Caddie Cover 2.0

The Caddie Cover is back! If you joined us in 2019, welcome back and if you are new to the Swag world, welcome. Here's how it works: There is a Caddie Cover to match each caddie bib at the tournament this week. If your covers caddie number matches the caddie’s number for the winning player, you’ll receive a prize that will be announced early next week (trust us, it’ll be good)!

ATTENTION: This is a lottery release.

The cover will cost $155.55 and your $0 "purchase" of this product reserves you an entry in the lottery. The purchase period is from 12:00pm to 12:05pm Central Time. Winners will then be chosen using a random number generator. An invoice for $155.55 (+ shipping and taxes where applicable) will be sent to winners via email by this afternoon. These invoices need to be paid within 1 hour of receipt or we will cancel your order and move on to the next randomly chosen winner. Duplicate entries will be canceled. Any products posted for sale before product is in hand will be canceled.