Carry Out Only Blade Cover

Why do just one new color variation on our Take Out Cover when we can do 7? The Carry Out Only comes in varying quantities, and will be randomly distributed to each buyer. What color will you get? Only time will tell...

  • 60 Black with red
  • 60 White with pink
  • 40 Red with yellow
  • 30 Pink with purple
  • 30 Neon yellow with green
  • 30 Tiffany with white
  • 20 Nasa silver with rainbow

Estimated Delivery Time 2-3 Days be sure to tip your SwagDash Driver

*Limit 1 Per Customer

  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Industrial Magnetic Closure
  • Plush Protective Interior 
  • Durable UV Resistant Materials
  • Please practice social distancing while checking out!