Deep Dish Marker

There have been other pizza markers claiming to be deep dish... but being born and raised here we beg to differ. Chicago is known for its buttery deep dish style pizza with sauce on top. These pies will be ready shortly with hand hammered buttery crusts and perfectly cooked tomato paint that resembles the worlds best pizza. Sorry we took a slice for ourselves.

A slice has been removed to assist in alignment on the greens. Get one today at and get a Super Bowl Square with your purchase that’s good for free prizes Sunday during the game! 


Your Order # is your Square. We will post the Squares board on this listing and on social media before kickoff. Good Luck!

*Limit 1 Per Customer

  • 100% CNC Milled 
  • Heavy Brass C360 
  • Torched Paint and Hand Hammered Finish
  • 1.4" Diameter x .25" High
  • Not Edible