Today we present a long awaited product for many of our customers... The Savage Too, our very first Swag Mallet. The Savage line was started over 9 months ago and since then dozens of tweaks have been made to the alignment, weight, face thickness, etc… all in the hopes of creating a perfect compact mallet.

For our engineering and design team it was imperative that this prototype mallet had all the features we loved about our Handsome Too while still conveying a completely new look, feel and design aesthetic to make a mallet that is truly all our own. The face milling is slightly deeper, and the weight is heavier at 360g on purpose to create an extremely stable double bend putter that is hard to put down...even for a traditional anser style lover!

This current revision of the Savage Too was brought about due to requests from Web and PGA Tour players to see a compact mallet with all the engineering and precision that we had put into our first two models. We left the “RAD” (Research and Development) on the heel of this model as were not sure where this design will lead. The Savage Too may be overhauled, it may be tweaked, or it may be finished. It has already debuted on tour at the RSM Classic and can now debut in your bag too.

Less than 40 of these tour proven Prototype Savage Too putters are available today. Get one before we change our minds…



  • 1-Piece Billet Milled Design
  • Head Weight: 360g  Toe Hang: 1/16th
  • Designed, Milled, and Assembled in the USA
  • Feels Good 303 American Stainless Steel
  • Tour Satin Finish
  • Double Bend Stepless KBS Shaft


303 American Stainless Steel is our preferred steel of choice when milling our putters. We have tried 303 Stainless from many different suppliers and countries, and inevitably our team has come to the same conclusion every time: There is no reason for us to go halfway across the globe for what we have in our own backyard. With countless ways steel can be manipulated, what matters most is how the final product feels, and we assure you it feels good!


It has taken us months to perfect our milling techniques, but that doesn't mean we’re going to stop now. Every time we turn on our CNC Machines, we are striving to advance and perfect our designs. Using complex surfacing techniques, we spend more time machining the sole, shoulders, and neck than most companies spend on manufacturing the entire putter. We purposely leave some of these milling lines visible in order to show off the detailed surfacing work that goes into the engineering of every putter we make.


When designing our headcovers, we wanted to do whatever we could to help prolong your putter's appearance, all while making a good looking and functional accessory. To prevent sand and dirt from collecting in the velcro, which can in turn scratch your putter, we added industrial grade magnets and plush lining. The headcovers are Made in the USA, embroidered with designs guaranteed to create bag envy, and finished off with our very own SWAG tag.

We all know how important feel is when it comes to putting. A grip that can stand the test of time was the only way to properly finish off an incredible putter. A Gripmaster Australia kangaroo leather stitchback with neon stitching comes standard on all our models.