Stacked Bills Skateboard Deck

In collaboration with the newest member of the Swag Golf Team, Eric Koston, we are excited to release the first-ever Swag branded skateboard decks. Manufactured by Eric's preferred skateboard manufacturing company, these decks utilize only the best quality raw materials; hard rock sugar maple veneer [sustainably sourced by one of the finest mills in Wisconsin], glue specifically formulated for skate decks, and a coating system carefully crafted through many years of experience.

Featuring Swag's most popular designs - The Flipper, Skulls, Stacked Bills, and the King of Swag


  • 31.9'" x 8.25"
  • 7ply
  • Seriously badass
  • Skateboard top colors sent at random

DO A KICKFLIP! But don't sue us if you break a bone. Seriously, please don't...