Swag 2021 Tour Staff Bag Pink

A truly rare item for the most enthusiastic Swag Golf fan, this PGA Tour modeled staff bag is built with a custom black carbon fiber style panels that feature dancing neon pink skulls all over. SWAG branding and the impeccably stitched large dripping skull on the front will make this bag impossible to miss. Whether you are a +2 handicap or a 28 handicap as long as you live by the SWAG mantra "Don't Give A Putt" on the strap, gaming this bag should not be a problem! 

This bag is identical to the bag that is used on the putting green by the Swag reps every week on the PGA Tour in 2021.


This bag will go on sale at 2pm CT and the sale will end at 2:05pm CT. If you want to enter the lottery to buy the bag, go through the checkout process as you normally would within those 5 minutes. The charge for the Staff Bag will show up as pending on the card you use (PayPal accounts will see the money transferred). When the sale closes we will use a random number generator to select the lottery winners. When the lottery winners are selected, we will accept the payments of the winners. Everyone else will get an email that their order was cancelled and will see their pending charge cancelled (or PayPal funds returned) within 24 hours (but more likely in under an hour). A pending credit card charge will never actually go through if you didn’t win the lottery. Only enter the lottery once! Buyers with multiple entries per household will have all entries cancelled.

  • 9" 6 Way Divided Top
  • Easy snap close Magnetic Ball Pocket
  • Premium Vinyl and Microsuede Materials
  • Rain Cover included
  • Premium black chrome zippers and pulls
  • Matching cover set not included

Due to Covid-19, all bags will not be shipped until after the new year.