The Menu Cover Set

Hello Friends... If you have previously missed out on Swag, this is the day to grab something for your bag! As the winner of the March Swagness tournament, our fan-favorite Menu Cover is getting a special release in three new colors. 

For 5 Minutes today from 2:30PM-2:35PM CT all 3 of these special Menu Covers will be available for pre-order. These are being made to order and in exact quantities so there are no refunds or exchanges. These covers should ship in 15-20 business days.

*Limit 1 Set Per Customer 

  • Fits standard blade style putters and some compact mallets
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Industrial Magnetic Closure
  • Plush Protective Interior 
  • Durable UV Resistant Materials
  • Will you be surprised with a special cover in addition to your menu cover(s)?