Sugar Skull Headcover

We know plenty of others have made sugar skull covers, but we thought it was about time somebody a made a good one. These covers were made as a treat in multiple random color combinations and quantities. 

You will get a random color cover... any request for a color will be denied and the order will be canceled, because obviously you can't enjoy the fun of getting something at random on Halloween.

  • 75 Black with purple, neon pink, and neon green
  • 45 Black with white, orange, yellow, and blue
  • 25 Black with tiffany glasses
  • 25 Gray with neon green
  • 15 White with neon pink
  • 15 Tiffany with lime

 *Limit 1 Per Customer 

  • Fits standard blade style putters and some compact mallets
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Industrial Magnetic Closure
  • Plush Protective Interior 
  • Durable UV Resistant Materials
  • We know these are awesome, please don't be that kid that tries to switch costumes and comes back for more candy later we know who you are.